Corporate Digital Learning

19 Jul 2016, 12:24 PM
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Share Your Story! ☝

A Belgian Story


We explain our business (1400 people) to the rest of the company (12.000 people) with several small nuggets.

Some in a format of a video on 1 item, an active presentation, a link to a community, FAQ, E-learning, …
The result: every month about 800 internal people are visiting this
Who is looking at this material? People interested in working with us, people working together with our business and wanting to know more about us, new people starting to work

How to accomplish high performance out of digital learning?
How to be able to manage this over time?
How to motivate the specialists to invest in this?
How to motivate people to publish or exchange info with added value?
How to stimulate Information Curation?

When making an E-learning package for a new product, the timing was not good. It was too early and people were not ready to learn this via an E-package. 2 years later this package is used over 1000 times a year, because it is still relevant and people now see the added value of it. So the benefit was not right away, but the benefit is there on the long run.

When starting a community, we always organize an international 1 day event in advance. This day is highly interactive, with several themes and issues important to the target group, and an active atmosphere during the day. There is plenty of opportunity for networking during the day and evening.
When people have met before, and they share common problems to be solved, the community will work. You still need at least 2 people from different countries to stimulate the community afterwards.

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