Climate Change and Health

04 Mar 2016, 01:49 AM
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What is climate change to you?

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Say in few words what comes to your mind when you think about climate change? In other words, to you what is climate change associate with?
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Climate change in Barbados


When I think about climate change and what it means to me as an individual. I think about the climate change that we as a country have been experiencing over the past few years.The temperature has become hotter , the sun shines much fiercely and the island has been experiencing low rainfall. I also think about the glaciers. which have been melting at a rapid rate in the Greenland. In Barbados we as citizens have also been experiencing diseases which are new to the region. These diseases are spread by the Aedes mosquito such as chickengunga and the Zika virus. This means that persons should practice cleaning around their homes so as to prevent the spread of these viruses. The world is undergoing change as a result of the el nino and el nina . These changes are eminent and would remain us that we cannot remain the same we must embrace the change and become adaptable to this change.

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