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Create a journal entry: Global culture


Describe yourself, your cultural background and how you experience culture on a daily basis.

Do you observe examples of global culture in your everyday life?

Share your experiences and have a look at the journals of other participants.
Feel free to comment.

A child of globalisation.

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A child immigrant who unwillingly moved to the UK from the freshly European Poland. I relocated to what it felt like the most distant country on earth, in reality 2 hours flight away. I came from a small village in the south of Poland, quite a rich rural area still strongly connected to it's traditions and roots. Moving to a suburban village in south Manchester was a bit of a shock to the system. Here Friday night is the holy Sunday and Football means more than anything to anyone who supports it. Girls at the age 12 wear more make-up than any grown woman I remembered from home, their school uniforms seemed like the only cool thing about the High School, but the length of the skirts were truly disturbing, yet I had to get one and “fit in”. I was a strong holder of my traditions, but as the only foreign child in the school none of that mattered, survival meant compliance with the trends and fashions. I now see how the cultural identity of an individual gets affected by the society, how something that I used to find essential in my life became something people would laugh at in the UK.
Studying photography, you have access to millions of photographs and interpretations of these photographs that shape your understanding of the world. Artists who travelled the world, documenting it, documenting events and peoples lives allowed the world to slowly grasp the concept of other cultures. West still has this supremacy idea that the way things are in the Western side of the world is the right way. But this has to change. Thanks to cultural globalisation we hopefully can create platforms where cultural integration is encouraged, and mutual respect and understanding is at the core.


over 1 year ago

I appreciate that thought, that globalisation could lead to platforms being created to encourage cultural integration and mutual respect, because that is not really the way globalisation has worked.

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