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Share Your Story! ☝

Andrea's ShOrT StOrY!


Sorry the bad English. I'm making a big effort! :D

I'm used to use various digital tools to complement my multimedia resources.

Although is not my job / training create an animated feature itself, instead is my job consider all working and educational achievement. What the texts , images, video, audio , text, animations, ... In addition we also have to decide the most effective tipology to take the student to achieve an specific goal. Typologies with which I have worked: Inphographics (animated and static), videos, animations, timelines, activities and interactive quizzes, worksheets, powerpoints , ...

Achievements ?
When some of the resources for me idealized receives praise from my superiors , but especially when there is some positive feedback from users .
The fact that he entered the company to work as a discipline coordinator for science in Brazil and currently being as subject area coordinator, that is, to be in charge of monitoring the work of the coordinators in the various projects of Science and Physical Education .

Challenges ?
Many, diverses and "for yesterday".
Many and diverse, from the adaptation to the project ( e-learning or classroom ) and the country for which is being developed, to contact the authors of textbooks , the management of the satisfaction of all stakeholders needs, ...
"For yesterday", meeting deadlines is not normally a problem for me , I think I know time management and adapt the tasks on time . But I confess that I have some difficulty in managing some changes deadlines or requirements, mostly when I know that such requests could have been anticipated ...

Learnings ?

Deal with:
- Frustration ;
- Orders / requests with which we do not agree ;
- The management interests of the various stakeholders;
- The definition of objectives;
- Travels.

Also working on projects with multidisciplinary teams always adds learning in several areas.

Recommendations ?

Ability to adapt to change, flexibility and ability to distinguish what is essential from what is personal taste and good communication.

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