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EU projects in your region or in your country

Search from the project databases and write the names and a short description of 3 projects financed by the EU in your region or in your country:

Focusing on strategic projects for the Canary Islands, and at National Level


Canary Islands not only focuses on the Tourism sector, other strategic goals of the Canary Islands include Transport, Space, and enhancement of Entrepreneurships.

Tenerife: Title: New tunnel improves access and reduces city Centre traffic

Programming period 2007-2013
The construction of a new road tunnel in Santa Cruz of Tenerife, with about 500 meters long, improves links with the port area while reducing the amount of traffic coming into the city centre.
EUR 52 329 037, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 26 164 519 from the Operational Programme “Canary Islands”.

La Palma: Title: Looking at our amazing universo

Programming period 2007-2013
The Great Canaries Telescope is one of the biggest telescopes in the world and is revolutionising the way we understand outer space. The telescope is an international cooperation between universities in Mexico, Florida and Spain, led by the Institute of Astrophysics in the Canaries (IAC) and using EU funding via the ERDF, with and EU Investment of EUR 60,000,000.

Spain: Title: Mentoring Spanish entrepreneurs across borders

Programming period 2014-2020
To create jobs and foster successful entrepreneurship there, the EU-funded European Coworkings EOI Programme is funding the education and training of Spanish entrepreneurs in other Member States. All the participants were able to contribute to the aim of the project by returning to Spain to either improve or launch their innovative and international entrepreneurial idea.
EUR 4 500 000, with the EU’s European Social Fund contributing EUR 4 500 000 through the “Employment, Training and Education” Operational Programme.

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