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Journal Exercise: #140characterchallenge

Write down the biggest challenge you have faced in the context of (corporate) digital learning and share it with the course in your journal (make sure your settings are not set to private). Write it in the form of a short twitter post or text message and find a hashtag for it. Maybe you also have a picture or an image related to it? Upload your text with a nice visual and make sure to check and give feedback on other journal entries as well.

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My Experience of DL


Let me present my own experience of digital learning in one of the MOOC courses I attended in recent past. Though it is not exactly in the context of corporate learning, but digital platform offered on the course for assignment submission was really tough and challenging for me to handle as a digital immigrant finding gap with digital natives ,as we have learnt in unit 3.
Under the team working, I found myself handicap in using various digital tools placed by the course coordinator for submission of assignments., where as my other team mates are mostly fluent in working with tech platform.
Mostly I found it embarrassing in my own assignment submission and even failed to submit finally after many efforts on number of occasions. In spite of my strong desire to make an exercise attractive with image, visual, uploading text, or adding links , I could not progress much due to my inability to overcome these challenges.
In case of corporate digital learning too such situations can not be ruled out with participants and another major challenge may come from poor connectivity due to broadband issue in smaller towns with poor infrastructure facility in this regard.


almost 3 years ago

Hello, thank you for sharing your insights and challenges when using the MOOC. I am very interested in getting some futher information because in a few weeks, a MOOC course will start at my company, too. This will be the first time for me to take part in a MOOC.
If you like to share some more insights:
- did you interact with the course trainer about your challenges? How did he/she support you?
- What would have helped you to be better prepared? (e.g. upfront video tutorial about how to use the MOOC, discussion with you team memebers etc.)
Thank you :-)

almost 3 years ago

Hello Julia,
Thank you for your interest shown in my journal. I would be pleased to share my views as given here under-
1. In fact challenges, I faced, are not discussed with course coordinator considering problems of lacking digital literacy are solely my own problem and can be tackled by myself only by way of learning on such issues(even certain other MOOC may help me to overcome my problems). However, I was honest to notify my team members of my limitations before getting admission to a team and during course period all members sincerely extend their guide/help for me to overcome my challenges. I was to able to complete two courses of NovoEd previously joined four months ago.
2. Among the types of teaching methods, upfront video transcript model helped a lot, besides PDF, wikis and other ppt. mode of contents. Discussion with team members in Discussion page was effective, but not through Google+, skype or any such due to my inability in handling the tools. In any case, I am passionate to continue MOOC learning with ample of available time post retirement, though not sure of application but sure to share acquired/gained knowledge. And I would encourage every one to take part in MOOC learning whether free or paid, to expand their horizon of learning on diversified topics of interest or employment/professional usefulness.
Thank you once again and Best wishes.

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