New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation

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»This is my new business model. It will be new community, new type of business, it is a startup. The scope will be a sharing profit community with the stakeholder or business partner in lodging…

Tripoosuc Business Model

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Ahliana Ahliana, 03 Dec 16

»My New Business Model is called Tripoosuc. This will be a social enterprise and community that combine tourism and hospitality with sustainable and responsible living. Who: My friends in In…

My Who, What, and How in Tripoosuc Organization

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Ahliana Ahliana, 20 Nov 16

»My initial value proposition is The Hours Collector. I am working in a hotel in New Hampshire. In low season lot of staffs need hours or more work to do (Hours means work that we do is paid ho…

My Initial Value Proposition: The Hours Collector

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Ahliana Ahliana, 18 Nov 16

»My NBM is Planting a lot of Berries in White Mountains National Forest, Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. The purpose is to avoid black Bears come to dump places in houses or other properties clo…

Planting a lot of Berries in White Mountains National Forest

Ahliana Ahliana, 16 Nov 16