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It´s time for some analysis...dissect the digital marketing strategy of your favorite brand

What is your favorite brand?

WHY is it your favorite brand? What is their WHY? Does your why and theirs match? What are the emotional, functional, social or self-expressive benefits they deliver to you?

And how is it reflected in their marketing mix, their 4P´s?

In case you need further instructions on how to tackle it, go to the additional material section of chapter 3.1 (e.g. there is an analysis of the marketing mix of Starbucks)

#strongerthanyesterday – Under Armour's digital marketing strategy – Favorite Brand


I don't actually have one favorite brand, but there are several brands I find appealing on both, the heart and the brain level, i.e. brands I like to consume myself and whose marketing campaigns I appreciate on a meta level. Under Armour is one of these brands.

Their key message is "I WILL" and I guess their WHY is creating high-quality products
- meeting the high standards of demanding consumers,
- helping their consumers perform better and be stronger than yesterday,
- allowing consumers to focus exclusively on their sports and their performance, not on the equipment needed to carry it out.

My WHY in the sports field largely consists of accepting and mastering challenges for fun. I usually don't compete with others but with myself, so I strongly respond to the message "I will".

Apart from the functional benefit of high-quality products at affordable prices, I notice considerable emotional and self-expressive benefits like conveying the role sports play in my life. I identify with UA's "fitspirational" claims like e.g. "I feel prettiest after I've crossed the finish line" or "Always stay hungry".

All products I have experienced so far lived up to my high expectations as far as design and quality are concerned. They are functional, long lasting, hard-wearing and at the same time stylish.
Wearing clothing by UA makes me feel appreciated, because I get the feeling that someone thought a lot about how to support me best.

Distribution channels range from offline to online: UA products are available on Amazon, although I have never bought them there. Interestingly, I always purchase the brand offline, in the "real world", mainly in department stores in the US or, most recently, in their newly opened outlet store in Parndorf. Guessing from their Facebook fanpage, you can also shop there – I've never tried that, though.
Even though I don't spend much time on offline-shopping in general, I enjoy choosing new UA products: I take my time, I touch the different fabrics, try on different colors and styles... It feels like "me-time".

I'd classify their prices as reasonable: They range slightly above classic sports brands like Nike but below high flyers like Peak Performance. UA is also available in outlet stores, offering discounts of up to 30 %, which is a nice-to-have for consumers but does not feel trashy.

UA mainly works with testimonials, mostly high-achieving sports pros like skier Lindsay Vonn or swimmer Andrew Phelps. Recently, they even designed FC St. Pauli's home stadium.
In addition, they have a personal coach, Seyit, who does prep videos on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook etc. and tours the world, organizing branded UA camps. On the UA fanpage, people can vote for the next locations.
The camps are hard and designed to bring people to their limits, subsequently giving them a hand in exceeding these boundaries, together with like-minded others.

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