Why Do People Migrate? Part 1: Facts

08 May 2016, 11:14 PM
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This article from The Economist puts the finger on the painful question of the "economic cost" of hosting refugees.
Read the article and comment on the European experiences in this respect in your journal.
You can also comment on what others have done in their own journals!

Getting to the limits


I still have no clear point of view on the issue, since from one hand side not sharing the money, spaces etc. with refugees is the buissness as usual, we have a set of privilages and we don´t want to loose them, and the resources on the planet are limited, so if we will not give up on some of the privillages then the situation of others will not improve.
On the other side we have situations like Sweden - the most open european country for refugees and trying to do their best, by offering flats, food, many services. And what happens, they become overflooded. There are no more places to stay that can be offered for refugees so without big investments they really cannot host anyone more.

so ehat to do?

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