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Share Your Story! ☝

my story


recently, my private educational system has managed to get developed an online management system where, communication between the teachers/admin and that of parent of student will be ascertained and become effective and fast.
moreover, it will facilitate the teachers and admin to analyse the academic results of the students and help to get a reflection on the performance of the teachers in turn as well.
there have been doubts from teachers end about this online management system, that I shall be tackling in an upcoming training session.
luckily, teachers are using the same application partly for sake of marking of daily attendance of the students in their class. so it won't be entirely alien to them.
parents, on the other hand would be across other bank and will be communicating through a mobile app. The challenge is to develop the ability to have this experience rich and effective. for we can't train them!
I recommend to digitize the organization ASAP, to reap the marginal competitive advantages before its too late.

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