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You’re on a trip with your friends. You are being told how the day will proceed. When do you stop listening?

a. As soon as I can picture more or less how the day will look like VISUAL
b. As soon as I know if I will have to do something
c. Stop listening?! I don’t, my friends are talking!
d. I stay focused, I don’t want to miss anything.

At work, when you assign a task to someone in your team …

a. You try to explain the context, the reason why this task is important and the objectives related to it to be sure they will complete it (on time!) DETAIL
b. You explain what type of output you expect, that should be enough
c. You are sure they will complete it, you are the boss after all
d. You briefly mention the context and who can assist them if needed

It’s dinner time and you are thinking about cooking something:

a. You pick a recipe by taking the time to read the ensemble of ingredients and tools you will need as well as the steps required DETAIL
b. You look online for bloggers you know and bingo!
c. You google ‘what to eat tonight?’, click on the first appealing link you see and start cooking
d. You google food images, choose something appealing and try to make something similar with what you have in your fridge

When you plan for a big trip …

a. You base your choices on people’s recommendations
b. You take the time to read webs, blogs and guides to fully grasp the country you are about to visit before taking any decisions on the route you will do DETAIL
c. You picked that destination because your close friend went there last year and loved it
d. I don’t plan for a trip, I buy a ticket and the rest will follow

You need a watch, how do you choose one?

a. You have been thinking about it for a long time and have a clear idea of what you want it to look like DETAIL
b. You more or less know what you want but trust the person at the store will help you make the final decision
c. You go in the store and pick the one you saw the other day on someone’s wrist and liked
d. You just need a watch… any will do

. You are preparing for an important presentation for work. Your slides are:

a. Big titles, few concepts. It is enough to support your speech
b. Detailed sentences and explanatory texts to help your allocation
c. Mostly images to guide your explanation VISUAL
d. There is not a clear pattern, your boss likes to use different resources and so do you

You want to tell your friends about an interesting article you read the other day:

a. Before talking about the article, you tell them in which newspaper you found it and mention other articles you found interesting in the past
b. You tell them you read this great article and what the main insight was EFFICIENT
c. You brought the article with you and hand it to them as you speak
d. You ask them their opinion about the topic of the article

4x Detail
2x Visual
1x Efficient
0x Trusting


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