Climate Change and Health

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Exercise Ch 3 Unit 2: Interview someone

Dear course participants
I would ask you to make an interview with a friend or family member. Find out what they think THEY can contribute personally to reduce their own carbon footprint. Then ask them to rank their options according to their preference to actually change their behaviour or whatever they suggest. For example: I would stop eating meat first, then I would turn down the temperature in my apartment . etc- etc.

Please write in the Journal for this interview just the answers your interviewee gave you:
1) what he things an individual can do to reduce their individual carbon footprint
2) What that person thinks he or she would really consider doing herself
Everybody can and should share their interview results and maybe add a comment of their own about the interview, the reaction of the interviewee. In any case, please write down as a minimum 1) a... and 2) a...

Good luck. looking forward to your answers

Rainer Sauerborn

Interview someone


a: take fewer planes
b: buy home grown fruits/vegetables and meat products
c: don't own a car

a: buy home grown fruits/vegetables as far as the budget allows
b: buy echo friendly car
c: use public transport locally and trains as much as possible for overseas/long distance travel
d: buy products manufactured in a sustainable manner

- It is difficult to buy every product that is produced in a 'fair' manner.
- The argument to take more trains has to be balanced against time/urgency and efficiency argument. I am not yet convinced if taking more trains really is the solution.
- Home grown produce needs to reach the economic level where price is affordable for everyone. Every country does not have the capacity to produce locally, hence in this case more transparency is required around the methods of production, whether they are fair, organic and safe for the environment.
- I would also reduce meat intake and .buy more carefully as per need.

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