Full Stack Web Engineer (Ruby on Rails)

We are offering a full time position.

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In general

We are are looking for development support with a wide array of abilities to maintain and improve our codebase. Below you find the description of an idealised candidate. We have no expectation of a wonder guru, nor do we look for super hero coding evangelists or any of the like. We rather look for a human who feels eager to dive into the challenge and is open for learning while fulfilling a greater part of the below points. Someone who openly communicates what he or she can and can't do and his or her ideas or worries. Someone who is strongly reliable and who sees receiving and giving criticism as a powerful and positive tool to improve people, work and our product.

Your profile:


  • have multiple years experience of development using the Ruby on Rails framework
  • or are a true coding expert who is eager to jump into learning new languages and technologies
  • are proficient with SQL
  • are familiar with Linux and Rails related services on the server side (Elastic, Redis, Passenger..)
  • have a particular interest in frontend technologies and are able to juggle the challenges that arise from navigating a grown platform from a partly older code base towards new frontend horizons
  • consider writing tests a must
  • have a focused, ambitious and solution driven approach
  • have the desire to create outstanding results, while understanding the needs for compatibility, stability, maintainability and time constraints

Your Tasks

You will

  • Build and maintain the backend and/or frontend part of our RoR applications
  • Make sane and forward looking technology decisions
  • Write automated tests
  • Do code reviews and be code reviewed
  • establish and become part of an agile work methodology

Our team

While we are part of a larger company and don't need to worry about short term issues as most startups do, we are a small, rather independent team that is able to make quick and unbeaurocratic decisions.