Rails Full-Stack Engineer

We are offering a fulltime position.

We are a small but growing team looking for a Full-Stack Rails engineer that will join us to further refine and extend our platform to create an online learning experience that makes us proud and our clients and learners happy. At iversity, you can help developing the future of online education – and make it shine!

Your profile:


  • have multiple years experience of backend development using the Ruby on Rails framework
  • or are a true coding expert who considers learning a new language a piece of cake
  • worked in a business / startup environment
  • are proficient with SQL
  • are familiar with Linux and Rails related services on the server side
  • are a powerful git user
  • consider non tested code unacceptable
  • have a focused, ambitious and solution driven approach
  • have the desire to create outstanding results, while understanding the needs for compatibility, stability, maintainability and time constraints

Your Tasks

You will

  • Build and maintain the backend part of our RoR applications
  • Make sane and forward looking technology decisions
  • Write automated tests
  • Do code reviews and be code reviewed
  • Be part of an agile work methodology

What we offer

We think in order to be sustainably successful at what we do and to stay happy, fulfilled and sane while doing it, a healthy company culture is most important.

We are aiming at providing a workplace that enables us to thrive individually, support one another, continuously improve our processes, architecture and code and in general the way we work together in order to establish a positive, healthy, productive, fun, trusting, open, fair and transparent company culture. Ok, thats sounds like a lot, but we mean it. It's a continuous process of course, not a state and we have a lot to learn. In short we think whats good for us, will be good for the company and our customers.

We also think failing is fine, blaming is not, learning is key, improvement the result and success will be the reward. We are guided by agile principles and open to shape processes to our specific, changing needs. We all create our work environment, anything can be adjusted and everybody should be heard. Your opinion will be considered and discussed. Always! We are here to support you and enable you to grow.

But hey we are just starting and are far away from perfect. Join us, become part of the journey and contribute to making us great.

What we expect

We seek team players that think and act actively and look ahead. Be important, creative, challenge us, take responsibility and help us thrive as a company and individually. You speak when things need to be said and listen openly when others talk. You commit to agreed goals even if its not your opinion.

You should be part of our culture and moreover be part of evolving it over time, adjusting it in an ever changing environment. We expect you to make a change, have an impact and contribute substantially, meaningful and self driven. We expect you to help us be successful and find how best you can achieve it.

How you apply:

Send your complete application documents with the keyword “Full-Stack Rails Developer“ to Gordon Friebe jobs@iversity.org.