DevOps Engineer - Linux/Ruby (m/f)

We are offering a freelance, part/full-time position

We are looking for a Linux Systems Engineer capable of managing a Ruby on Rails multiple server setup. Full-time applicants should have a solid Ruby (on Rails) background and be willing to participate in the backend related development process.

You will:

  • Setup, plan and maintain our hybrid infrastructure on dedicated servers (Ubuntu) and AWS
  • Improve system monitoring and application performance
  • Automate tasks with configuration management tools and scripting
  • Profile the application and optimize app/infrastructure performance
  • Ensure a working environment for our continuous integration process
  • Scale our infrastructure when required within and beyond our currently used technologies
  • Help us make the right decisions in regard to infrastructure changes at the right time
  • Be integrated into backend coding tasks, bridging development with operations

Ideally you…:

  • Know the specifics of hosting a distributed Rails based architecture
  • Have Ruby/Rails coding experience and interest to be integrated into the development
  • Are familiar with scrum/scrumban

You should feel comfortable with many/most of the following technologies:

  • Linux (Ubuntu), HaProxy, Nginx, Passenger, Mysql (Percona / Replication), Redis, AWS, Chef, Capistrano / Webistrano, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ

You should:

  • Be reliable
  • Be transparent about what you do and when you do it
  • Be interested in constantly improving our setup to keep track with its changing demands and technologies
  • Feel strong about delivering a 99.9% uptime experience while knowing every piece of the system setup and caring for necessary fail overs
  • Be aware and care for possible security issues
  • Be willing to spend an hour of non office time work to perform maintenance tasks when traffic allows it or to fix fires / emergencies


  • Are a globally focused company with an international, interdisciplinary and enthusiastic team
  • Offer exciting insights that can only emerge from a fast-paced, high-growth internet start-up
  • Offer an attractive environment and the possibility to learn from challenging problems and learning experiences that will last you a lifetime
  • Enable you to grow with the company giving you a perspective to assume more responsibilities
  • Believe in and actively foster a healthy company culture
  • Are easy on remote work days
  • Have company fruits and drinks

How to apply:

Send your complete application documents (cover letter incl salary expectations, CV and credentials) in one pdf-file with the keyword “DevOps Engineer (Linux/Ruby)” to