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iversity in a nutshell

Our professional development offering is tailored to the needs of our corporate clients, allowing you to better understand and master the digital transformation of business. We offer high-quality online courses that are developed in close collaboration with leading academic partners and knowledge-based companies. With over one million course enrolments and 50+ partner institutions from all over Europe, we will further foster the digitalisation of education and skill development in a social learning setting.

Our curriculum

The digital transformation of business both poses challenges and affords opportunities. We help you to tell one from the other. Our curriculum features case studies across a range of business segments and industries and addresses the transformation challenge faced by individuals and organisations.

The iversity Learning Experience

As opposed to classical e-learning, iversity courses are all about active social learning – i.e. solving assignments and learning with and from other students. This means:

1. Data Protection iversity complies with the German data protection standards – all personal data is stored on servers in Germany.

2. Anytime, Anywhere iversity courses are available anytime, anywhere, and don’t create additional overhead due to accommodation or travel costs.

3. Community of Practise iversity allows your colleagues to connect and learn from professionals outside the organisation.

4. State-of-the-Art Didactics iversity puts an end to the binge learning of classic on-site seminars – and learning on the job is much more flexible and makes it easier to put learnings into practice.

We wish you a lot of fun and interesting insights in our courses!


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