MOOCing for Workers' Rights

Help the fight against labour exploitation! Get involved on social media, enrol in the course and join the discussion!

iversity Workers' Rights Campaign

Did you know that millions of individuals worldwide are victims of discrimination and exploitation in the workplace? Unfair treatment ranges from gender inequality, poverty wages and exploitative working hours to forced labour, modern slavery and sexual exploitation. Almost 21 million people are victims of forced labour: 11.4 million women and girls and 9.5 million men and boys. Almost 19 million victims are exploited by private individuals or enterprises. In the private economy alone, forced labour generates US$ 150 billion in illegal profits per year. (Source ILO)

Get involved!

Are you already enrolled in our MOOC “Workers' Rights in a Global Economy”? Starting May 29, 2015, iversity is running a campaign alongside the course and is inviting everyone to join in. Violations of workers’ rights occur every day. We would like to band together with our users and everyone else who is passionate about this topic. Together we can raise awareness of unfair treatment in the workplace worldwide. Join our “MOOCing for Workers' Rights” campaign now!

How to get involved

1. Learn the facts

Learn more about workers' rights in our MOOC “Workers' Rights in a Global Economy” or on the website of the International Labour Organization. Here you can find key information about facts and figures on topics such as Forced labour, human trafficking and slavery, Child labour and Safety and health at work.

2. What would you change?

If you had the power to make ONE change regarding the appalling violations of workers' rights, what would it be? Grab a pen and write it down, big and bold, on a piece of card or paper. For example: Every year, almost 21 million people are victims of forced labour

3. Take a picture

Is your sign finished? Then take a picture of yourself holding the sign. Or team up with friends and take pictures of each other. The more people who join, the better!

4. Share your picture

Now post your photo on social media, for example on Twitter using #WorkersRights and @iversity, so that everyone can find and share your photos.

5. Share others' pictures

Help spread the word by sharing others' pictures. If you see a picture with a message you like, don't forget to pass it on. The more people you reach, the more will become aware of workers' rights violations worldwide.

Where to get involved

Are you active on social media? Choose your preferred platform to spread the word about workers' rights using #WorkersRights.





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