Javier Bravo Agapito, Aurora Centellas Rodrigo, Raquel Aguayo Sarasa, and Puri Salvi

Spanish for Beginners

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What is the course about?

Course Summary

The course of Spanish contains 23 video sequences distributed in 5 units. The sequences show real communicative situations in different contexts always with the same outline:

INTRODUCTORY STAGE. IN CONTEXT. Video Sequence* (with script). Every video sequence is the real language sample which introduces contextually the necessary linguistic and functional resources required by the students to acquire the basic communicative competence: to give personal information, to ask for directions, to greet others, to describe, etc.

OBSERVATION STAGE. LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION. From the language sample (video sequence) the different structures and resources already shown in the video will be observed (always with a practical aim).

EXERCISE AND COMPETENCE DEVELOPMENT STAGE. In order to practice the different communicative situations already viewed, the student will find a wide range of activities to help develop the linguistic skills required in order to speak the language effectively.

TESTING STAGE. The students have self-check controls available in order to evaluate their learning process.

Learning Objectives

  • To turn the learning of Spanish into a ludic and playful experience.
  • To solve, in a practical way, different actual situations of everyday life in order to help the student acquire a basic but fluent communicative competence.

What do I need to know?

No prior knowledge is required.

Course Content

Communicative Competence

• Names and Greetings

• Origins and Nationality

• Describe family and friends

• Ask how someone is doing

• Talk about hobbies and interests

• Ask for directions

• Public transport

• Talk about food and drink

• Asking the time/quantities

• Restaurant phrases

• Talk about the weather

• Make judgements

• And much more...

Linguistic Competence

• Vocabulary: Names, Locations, Adjectives, Activities

• Phonetics, Pronunciation and Sound

• Grammar: Tenses, Nouns, Pronouns, Regular and Irregular Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Sentence Construction, Prepositions, Comparatives and Superlatives

• Interrogative Elements: Why? Where? Why? How? How many?

• And much more...

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