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Solution of problems of different levels on trigonometry

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What is the course about?

The course "Solution of problems of different levels on trigonometry" is designed for students entering higher education, as well as for students studying mathematics at the universities.

The aim of the course is to deepen knowledge on the topic "Trigonometry".

The course is designed in such a way that at first is given theoretical material and complex for understending elements of the theory are explained. Topics cover practical problems. After the topic the lecturer solves problems in a virtual Board. Problems are composed in such a way that the student learns the material well. First, we consider simple problems, which step by step bring the listener to more complex, the solution of which is made in several stages. I wish you a pleasant and fruitful study of the very interesting part of mathematics "Trigonometry".

Course structure

Part 1 Trigonometric functions of a numeric argument.
This section defines the basic trigonometric functions of a numeric real argument, discusses the graphs of these functions, the basic values of the functions, and some elementary transformations of trigonometric functions.

Part 2 Transformation of trigonometric functions.
We consider the basic trigonometric identity, expressions of some trigonometric functions through others. Inverse trigonometric functions are determined and their graphs are plotted. Trigonometric functions of the sum of two arguments are considered.

Part 3 Multiple formulas of trigonometric functions.
Trigonometric functions of double and half arguments, as well as product formulas and sums of some trigonometric functions are considered.

Part 4 Solution of trigonometric equations.
Solutions of elementary trigonometric equations are given. The tasks become more complicated step by step with the involvement of additional formulas studied earlier.

The autor and organization that created this course

Rekach Fedor Vladimirovich - associate Professor of Civil Engineering Department of Engineering Academy, Peoples Friendship University of Russia.

Additional literature for self-study

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  2. Edited by M. I. Skanavi Reshebnik-aligned tasks in mathematics. Issue 4, Book 2.Geometry problems using trigonometry. Publisher: Book of memory of Ukraine, 1998, 816.

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