Isidro Rodrigo, Victor Manrique, Yu-kai Chou, Mario Herger, Andrzej Marczewski, Roman Rackwitz, Oscar Garcia-Panella, emiliano labrador, Flavio Escribano, Jordi Moretón Galí, Thijs de Vries, Toby Beresford, An Coppens, Sergio Jimenez, José Carlos Cortizo Pérez, and Cristina Pagés

Gamification Design 2015

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What is the course about?

Course Summary

Games have become the new normal. The gaming industry is already more powerful than any other form of entertainment like music or movies. An average young person will spend more than 10,000 hours gaming by the age of 21 - about the amount of time that it takes us to master any kind of skill and yet, there's a huge engagement crisis in many other areas.

70% of US full-time employees are not motivated by what they are doing, but World of Warcraft players can spend up to 17,000 hours online. In 2014, competitive eSports tournaments gathered more than $30 million in prizes and it keeps on increasing. Meanwhile, kids now spend way more time engaged to video games than they do with books, with an average attention span that is now less than 10 seconds and decreases every year...

It seems like only games are truly understanding how human motivation really works. But how is that possible? Why are we that glued to games? Can we design those kind of gameful experiences in non-game contexts to make them more engaging?

And the most important question: How to do it?

What will you learn?

In this course you'll learn the basics of Gamification with a highly practical approach. We'll focus on how to design gamified experiences in real life and students will be able to gain knowledge in areas such as: game design, psychology, management or education.

Our main goal will be to understand and master the principles of Gamification to design experiences that make things more fun and engaging.

Who should take this course?

Do you want your team to perform better? Are you looking for ways to fully engage happy customers? Do you want to see kids learning while playing? Or are you just looking forward to seeing a better world?

Gamification can be used in many areas and almost any task can be fun and engaging. This course could be great for many different interest groups, including: teachers, educators, managers, C-level executives, health and fitness professionals, psychologists or researchers. So...

Whether you ever asked yourself one of these questions or you just want to know how to make things more fun and engaging, this course is for you!

Do I need prior knowledge?

This course goes from a basic level to an advanced one so all you need to bring in the class is a playful attitude!

Anyway, having some prior knowledge is always great, so if you already want to start this epic adventure, here are 3 ways you can do so:

How will I be assessed?

This course will feature creative assignments where we’ll try to help you learn by doing. Every week, a space within the forum will be opened for you to upload the task and peer to peer reviews.

It is not mandatory to complete these assignments in order to achieve any of the course's certificates but it is truly recommendable if you want to learn how to create and design real life gamification.


This course will feature weekly videos and creative assignments, so you’ll have to spend around 3-4 hours per week to keep up. If you want to learn even more, we’ll provide you with reading references and plenty of insightful videos, blogs and resources. In a way, the workload is actually up to you.

Course Structure

Week 1 (21/04/2015) Introduction to Gamification

Week 2 (28/04/2015) Setting up the Scene

Week 3 (05/05/2015) Fun & User Experience

Week 4 (12/05/2015) Engagement & Aesthetics

Week 5 (19/05/2015) Gamification Mechanics: Basic Level

Week 6 (26/05/2015) Gamification Mechanics: Advanced Level

Week 7 (02/06/2015) Gamification Mechanics: Expert Level

Week 8 (09/06/2015) Flow, Feedback, Balance & Pacing

Week 9 (16/06/2015) Storytelling in Games & Gamification

Week 10 (23/06/2015) Gamification Projects: Team, Budgets & More!

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