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Find the stocks

This exercise will help you practice identifying stocks in a situation. This online news article is about the contaminated Sea of Kiev. How many stocks can you find in this article? Draw the stock and its main inflow.

Hint: Stocks are measured at a point in time, and not over time. You can refer to the document "Stocks and flows" in the additional materials.

A suggested solution is available in the references section.

Stocks and Flows for water and fish in the Sea of Kiev

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List of stocks:
• Volume of water in the Sea of Kiev
• Volume of mud in the Sea of Kiev
• Level of radioactivity in the lake water
• Level of radioactivity in the lake mud
• Amount of contaminated components in the lake mud
• Number of fish in the lake
• Quantity of water plants in the lake

Stocks and Flows for "volume of water" and "fish in the lake":

Stocks and Flows for Volume of Water and Number of Fish in the Sea of Kyiv

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