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»How my story evolved after completing the course? In italics, I have left the initial story. In bold - I have added my new ideas and insights gained from the MOOC and additional topics resear…

How my story and knowledge advanced?

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Simona Dimitrova, 25. Apr 16

»Gamification is a truly buzz word today and we can't help seeing it on every site we visit. Now, in Martina's situation, the first question to ask is "why" do we need to gamify her experienc…

Gamify Martina's development

Simona Dimitrova, 10. Apr 16

Visual exercise - Defining the KPIs for your corporate digital learning strategy

Simona Dimitrova, 29. Mär 16

»I believe we should avoid monotony in online courses so a proper mix of methods would best suit my style and the one of all online learners I had contact with in my pro life. My personal favou…

Learning delivery #teammixitup

Simona Dimitrova, 12. Mär 16

»Depending on whether we need to enhance our (or others) technical or soft skills we will have a different approach to digital learning. For this assignment I would focus on learning technical …

My digital learning story

Simona Dimitrova, 12. Mär 16

»Measuring the impact of online learning. What KPIs are you using? How is learning applied on the job?

My biggest digital learning challenge is...

Simona Dimitrova, 08. Mär 16