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Being Syrian in Germany is challenging so I decided to register to learn to match the Deutsch market requirements.
I studied English Literature so I started my career as a translator then I moved to teaching and education domain. It is hard to work in Syria as there is no separation between your private life and work. Then it was the Internet era and e learning so I studied Critical Thinking Skills & Project Based Learning. I am the Coordinator of International Education and Resources Network since 2003. Such experience made me see the world and be seen by the world. Then the war over and in Syria started and I had to flee to Germany. During 2014 & 2015, I was one od the peace and reconciliation activists. I worked with UNICEF & UNRWA and I conducted too many life skills trainings.
Nowadays, in Germany, I work for Friedland Museum,, and for Evangelische Familienbildungsstatte Mehrgenerationenhaus in Eschwege,
We are what we value is my slogan. Commitment, hardworking, clear honest communication are what I value in my career and life.
My short-term career plan is to work as a social worker to build more integration activities to help refugees being new comers to Germany.
in 2020, I will be one of the refugee expert who will build steps towards mindfulness and peace.

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