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Write a Sentence in 10 Different Handwriting Styles

Choose a sentence and try out different fonts, pens, colours and styles.

If you need help in creating either block letters or italic ones, check out these helpful websites and their tutorials:
Block letters: http://www.hellobrio.com/blog/block-lettering-tutorial
Italic letters: https://thepostmansknock.com/cheating-calligraphy-tutorial/

enter image description here

Which sentence is your favorite one?


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Every once in a while I do some Fonts, I enjoy the process, so this was not such a problem. I think if I had done this in my computer, instead of by hand that would have been a really fast exercise.

I Love Red

This exercise reminded me of a gooey font I designed a really long time ago, which I used here. Now I know what my next TTF is going to be.

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