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Chapter 5 Journal Activity

The story continues

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Stonehenge has been abandoned, rediscovered, left to fall into disrepair, partially rebuilt and now has 24/7 security surrounding any activity. It was built by Neolithic people probably upon an already used site, for whatever reason still remains to be discovered. Used since by various cults, followings, religions and faiths as their open air cathedral. A megalith to attract people from all over the world and lovingly thought of my millions who visit. But what next for Stonehenge?
The new visitor centre has certainly helped to spread the word, the education section bring Stonehenge to the next generation while the Neolithic huts show what our ancestors may have lived in and worked in and played in. While the archaeologists dig and discover, the interpreters bring to life the many fascinating finds and I expect this to continue.
As long as "why" it was build remains a mystery then a place of mystery it shall remain, but that should not stop us from learning more and more about the site and the people who built it without letting it spoil the unknown elements of our imagination.
Blick Mead will, I am sure, provide much of the backstory and be inspirational to the next generation of diggers and explorers.
After thousands of years we still build in stone circles and still to commemorate those who have departed. I add a link to a photograph of the National Memorial Arboretum;

Makes you think doesn't it :-)

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