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Reflect Your Story, Part II! ☝

My Story Part 2

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I can say that my best experience with the Corporate Digital learning that it opens new horizon in learning process overall. As I have been a trainee with Iversity for the last 2 years I have a good background in the field of digital learning.
I have a lot of successful stories regarding so many courses I have already taken within during last 2 years. But the Corporate Digital learning was the first program in the field of my specialization as I had worked in corporate training for around 15 years. I am a holder of Learning & Development Certificate of CIPD (U.K). Therefore the course was really something very special for me. I can add that a lot of subjects were very familiar to myself and I had done it during my last work in the field, but to put the subjects in digital forms is really a challenge
But preparing or tailoring a course in this way is a challenge that I will love to take. But still I will consider these difficulties:
The ways of feedback and classification. As both need strong internet tool to control or do practice the practical and to understand the concepts.
The actual organizing the training. In theory I believe the training will be successful with a lot of videos and articles but how we can insure practical training.
Still the above I have seen in one of the courses but how to insure that a lot of courses can be done in the same way??
To speak the truth about the course, the learning was average, as the videos was less used and it dependent on the audio recording which is less attractive in the net listening. But the exercises were very rich and could give more ideas about the needs and the targets of the course.
Otherwise overall the learning from other programs of Iversity also had the same alternate. Some were very good – or I can say brilliant – especially the courses I had about the Internet laws and about the international politics or about the stores. These courses were very interesting and the dialogue was impressive. But others I had such as Modeling and Simulation or Dark Matter were less successful in clearing the material or reaching the concepts.
1-The usage of the inductive videos and select more topics as examples to clear the main points, the close circuit videos sometime in this type of course will not be effective unless the final exams or something like that.
2-The course need to suggest new tools and how to use these tools and if needed to invest to get some of these tools.
3-The course needs to give examples how to change from normal studies to internet digital study. Where would be the gaps and how to be found?
The course needs to make interviews with successful trainers in this field.


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Hi Mohammed,
It is interesting to have an experienced trainer like yourself on the course. I am curious about your views on this MOOC compared to others - what successful techniques have you seen elsewhere, and what ways of measuring learning? Also, how do you see the role of tools in this course as opposed to supports for reflection? I thought they were trying to stay away from tools (actual on-line tools) and trying to push people more towards thinking about strategy. One could imagine they will build a MOOC on tools later on, or they would encourage interested people to work directly with consultants who have the tools.
Finally, your point about discussions and interviews with other practitioners is interesting. I had hoped the conversations in the forums would be richer - that would be my recommendation: make more of the people on the course.

Hi Jocellyn
Thanks for the above comments. I just want to say that I worked as Trainer and as Consultant. So I can imagine all the difficulties to step up a program. Now my view is about normal traditional training where you can have TNA in the beginning with easy reach to the candidates. Then during the program you can revise your material and can actual have the correct measurement of the in and out. But in the internet training this advantage has been to some level is vanished and you can not depend in close contact to feel any difficulty with trainer or program, This need a proper strategy or I believe to say a proper tool or tools. I hope it is clear.....
Thanks you can call anytime,,,,
Best regards

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