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Drawing People in Situations

Now it is time to take your drawing and visual thinking skills to the next level.

Take your sketchbook and draw 3 situations of your colleagues and/or customers.
This can be...
- The customer is always right
- Closing a deal
- We are pioneers
- Office christmas party
- Customer life cycle
- Onboarding a new employee
- Motivating my team
- Show & Tell
...or any other situation that you want to visualise or that might be useful in your context.

Make sure you save these little scenes for future visualisations. And don't forget to upload them to your journal!

People in situations

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3 situations

This was absolutely the next level! It's a process of:

  1. Visual-think the situation
  2. Visual-think the individual person/objects to create the situation
  3. Sketch them accordingly!

It's a good practice to think what elements make it to the situation.

By the way, what I sketched were

  1. Welcoming a new person
  2. Presentation and confused people (my favourite. I liked how I could draw the businessman)
  3. Welcoming customers (my least favourite, maybe I should have set the context of where it is)

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