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life and beauty

Watch and read the given material and try to create a digital collage on the specific theme or try to record via a camera (photography or video) something relevant to the theme: 'life and beauty'

Life and Beauty

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Contemporary art has been quite hard to understand, especially by the common man. It has become out of reach I think, because only those educated with the history of art and philosophy can understand. Even with the educated, not all of us can grasp of the contemporary art we seek to encounter in museums, theater or art gallery. So I think this poses a problem to artists. How can they be able to make their audience see the message in their art?
Of course we don't expect to grasp a message in its clear and understable form, and I guess this is part of art's definition. poses questions and mysteries. I guess I have to accept that art can only be appreciated by the few, those who have a passion for it.

Life and beauty will always be key elements in the art that I prefer. I like to meditate on the nuances of these. That is why some forms of conceptual art are hard to appreciate, at least for me.


vor mehr als 3 Jahren

I love how you freely conveyed what you think and feel about art and how it's appreciated. For me, how you put your thoughts into words is art in itself--personal, deep and insightful. :)

vor mehr als 3 Jahren

Thanks Eunice, I'm more of a writer than a visual art practitioner (: I hope to see your work too (:

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