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Chapter 1 Journal Activity

the bigger scene

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Not only the space of Stonehenge but the time has also been expanded for me in this unit. That there was a mesolithic culture in the environs, that the ground was known, used and celebrated for many generations prior to the lifting of the stones, makes a good intuitive sense. It was fascinating to read and hear about Blick Mead and the strong evidence for an older culture and a precedent of movement from beyond the local environs and communication between settlements. 
 On another note, the mystery of how the capstones were raised has always puzzled me, and the platform theory is very satisfying. I was thinking some kind of leverage and extremely dangerous catapulting was involved, where this patient, methodical building-to-build makes much more sense. It actually opens up another mentality of structure altogether. Why not take a long time to build something that is a witness to time?
  I think the hypothesis that Stonehenge was a god in animistic culture, rather than a housing for a god, is intriguing. It's too bad that we tend to shift too far into rationalism and too thoughtlessly back into romanticism. The perception of the divine in each thing, that to touch something is to partake of it, affect it and  receive it, implies humility and responsible stewardship. All this said, I keep thinking there may have been horrendous human sacrifice and barbarity playing out at Stonehenge. Oh well.

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