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Chapter 2 Journal Activity

Chapter 2

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Construction of Stonehenge began about 5000 yeras ago and was carried out in several construction phases. Stonehenge was build by people that left no written records but what we know is that some of each phases were constructed by different people: Windmill Hill people, The Beaker people and The Wessex people. About how it was built we can only speculate. What is certain is that beeing built in several phases and different people, they used the best available techniques at that time. The most difficult part was how to transport stones, existing capacities in that era were underdeveloped. As to the purpose of Stonehenge, again we can only surmise, my opinion is that this place is a place of worship to the gods. In support I specify that ancient peoples have mobilized massive resources to build places for gods, Stonehenge fits into typology.

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