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Creating a Culture of Learning for Martina

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Imagine Martina from Unit 3 again. She is working 40 hours a week and on top of that, needs to learn about managing and leading a team in an online training class.
So now Martina is trying to integrate her learning and training into her work. However, she feels uncomfortable reading a text or watching a video as part of her online training in front of her team at work. In the end, she decides to learn at home in her free time, making her more stressed than before.

Help Martina create a learning culture in her team or office!

For example: She could create a corner in the office with a flag on it, when it is learning time, every Friday afternoon for 2 hours. She could block her calendar, creating deadlines for herself to finish the tasks, have open conversations with her staff members about her learning experiences etc.

How can you support her?

There are quite a few ideas you can develop after having read all the implications that a corporate digital strategy involves in the main and the additional material.

Do you need more inspiration for the task? Then have a look at the following links and articles:

Put yourself in the shoes of the learner: This nicely written article in the Washington Post illustrates the power of spending two days as a learner and experiencing their everyday lives.

How much time do you spend on learning a week? This short article by Jane Hart includes a poll about how many hours people spend on learning. She also wrote about 5 steps towards Modern Workplace Learning. It is important is to see the change, be the change and support the change.

Or maybe you get some inspiration by a rather controversial article and push for employees to learn in their free time? Quentin Hardy wrote in the NY Times about how AT&T "Tells Its Workers: Adapt, or Else".

Find some images that visualize how you can help Martina and how Martina can create a culture of learning. Upload these images as part of your journal entry and your ideas so that we can collect them at the end and create a collage.

Technical and other implications Unit 4 Chapter 2

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How to help Martina create a culture of learning -Unit 3 chapter 2
The organization must first off all have a digital learning system to protect Martina fears and to have a good learning environment. This implies the other workers must be aware of what Martina is taking on and the employer must have communicated to other staff members to cure the fears of Martina reading or listening to a podcast within the office. Probably it is also important for the organization to make sure there is set time for Martina to learn and time to work while at office to reduce mixing learning, work and home affairs all done while the learner Martina is the center of every plan and decision. This will cure the confusion of whether Martina would learn from work or at home. Setting up the best learning environment for Martina and any other employee creates confidence in the learners and enables them to develop positive attitude to see change and success of the new learning approach and the content.
To do away with the confusion Martina is going through, the digital learning system of the organization would introduce Martina to the learning process via briefing and promise support and mentorship throughout the learning period. This would also involve equipping her with technical learning competencies, technological skills so that she is able to manipulate the tools and use the learning formats very well. Once this is done, Martina will become a self-directed learner, with the right information about the new learning formats. This is done because the learning needs and objectives cut across the organization and Martina.
Making staff aware of the workplace learning process in the organization helps other employees to support Martina in some of the duties she is support to execute during the learning period. Learning at work makes Martina learn practically and can even have interactive learning with fellow staff in areas where she was lacking as a new manager. This also helps her employer to observe at support her in improving her performance within limited time because it involves mentor-ship and supervision. The impact/change will be see fast if she interacted with her fellow staff that she works with plus consulting the fellow managers and her employees.
I finally propose a training leave for Martina if her learning needs and those of the organization are so demanding. This still takes me to the point of Martina’s employers to consider preparing workers for strategic positions in the company to avoid overwhelming staff when such opportunities come their way. This would be done directly or directly during the working schedules through mentor-ship, coaching and training where it is demanded.

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