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Reflect Your Story, Part II! ☝

My story after completing the MOOC course

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I have gained from the MOOC and changed my attitude to the digital learning methodology I am going to continue encouraging my fellow staff and management to create good environment that will attract more to take on corporate digital learning courses as I also continue joining more MOOC course.
Engaging and completing the MOOC course is one of the successes I count very important. Working with helpful facilitators and learning steps of developing and designing organization learning strategy has been very important for me in this course. Receiving direct feedback and accessible additional materials served good to me because I was motivated and encouraged to continue with the course even when got too busy. Learning skills related to my work and having work problem solving scenarios was so enriching and helped me to think practically on how to have suitable people to do work and learn at the same time to improve performance.

As if the course was open to many participants hence limiting learners’ interaction during the discussions. This may not help learners of the MOOC course to connect easily to form a learning community in the future except for the few members who kept on commenting on a few submissions by participants.
Multiple additional materials to refer to for expanding learners understanding of the ideas during assignments needed much time while most participants appeared working class. Helping the institution to appreciate the importance of on-going and online digital learning to the managers and staff in another challenge I face at workplace. Changing the attitude is serious issue with workers, most especially when it comes to ICT or digital learning.
Having issues with clear connection of internet was a serious problem because I could miss most of the videos even the post Webinar presentations appeared a challenge. I kept missing some important ideas discussed once it required downloading or playing videos.
Working schedules also appeared a challenge to me during the learning period for I could not fit in the time for the live event because by the allocated time I used to be out of office.
Helping learners to understand the reason for taking on work related learning is so instrumental for and institution as well as the individual staff. Having learning experiences via technical skills obtained from work place is so enriching and motivating to learn other needed skills to improve performance and professional development.
Opening avenues for learners to think and opt to use the particular method of learning was a nice approach throughout this course.
As learner pace based approach, it gave me chance to work freely to accomplish the assignment and tasks give to learner per chapter and units. This was also giving learners the time to research and have a broader perspective and knowledge of the topics presented in the chapter.
Have more interactions with the facilitators and fellow learners at close period after submission of responses to assignments would help to attract learners.
This also supports in construction of learning community among learners as they continue holding a conversation on ideas presented on a given topic. It bridges the gap of distance.


vor etwa 4 Jahren

Really interestering reflections! Thank you.

vor etwa 4 Jahren

Very excited and encouraged with the feedback from you Katharina. Thank you for keeping going to the end.

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