Corporate Digital Learning

Knowledge Mapping: Unit 2

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For the previous years, training needs analysis has not been considered in our organization but the trainings obtained by employees were based on the demand by the projects that were implemented in the organization funded by different donors. Therefore, the trainings were done according to what objectives and activities to be implemented in the particular project but not in organization staff development strategic plan. For proper identification of knowledge and skills gaps and missing competencies i would suggest the employees have meetings to participate in laid procedures below.
1. For the best need s analysis to be done there is need to engage employees in discussing the previous and current performance of the organization. Stressing the strength and weakness of the organization currently and previously so that we can identify exactly what hindered the good results and what contributed to good performance. As we do this we identify the current capabilities and skills with our employees.
2. Another idea is to engage employees in envisioning the ideal future of the organization in line with attaining the targets according to the strategic plan. As the discuss the ideal future they will point out areas that need to have trainings in order to achieve the ideal future.
3. Having seen the prospective future, then we shall look at what are the likely training obstacle to hinder achieving the targets set. Once the gaps are identified then this will create good platform for the team to design the best training digital content and will support so much in identifying the employees to take on the training without hassling.

By looking at the previous and current performance we shall be appreciating the as-is analytical approach while when considered the would be future plans and obstacles we are likely to and how to over come them we shall be applying the To-Be analytical approach but basing all these on the digital learning strategy plus the organization strategic plan that direct the implementation of the objectives of the company. Once the the anticipated future and current gaps are well analyzed then the trainings needs analysis is done which directs the team to develop appropriate learning contend to bridge the gaps in the organization.

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