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Hi Florian, hope all is well. Thanks for picking interest in my Journal hopping to visit your soon. Let us continue learning together. following my submission on designing the digital learning strategy, outside the five questions, I also think that it good to ask ourselves; How the company will measure the impact of DLS on the employee and the organization.


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Hi John,

You are absolutely right: measuring the impact will be tricky and we should question if we not need different measurement criteria going forward and it very much depends on how free employees are to choose what kind of information / training they need.

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Dear Teske,
It is always the support given to employees and the freedom offered by the employer that makes these people have the best environment to choose the best information they need at a time. But on the other hand if the company does not have in the system the staff/employee development strategy, it will become so difficult for the staff to be free to initiate identifying training needs. Also the open discussion held in the company to highlight the strength and weaknesses of the company in a given period helps to arrive at kind of information the employees need to uplift their progress in performance.

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I hear you saying that there is some challenge for an employer to look honestly at the training needs of staff and formulate a strategy. It can be difficult to recognize that there are needs but not necessarily the means to satisfy them. It can also be difficult for staff to focus if they do not understand what the organization expects in terms of Learning and development.

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I like that Jocelyn, it is true that learning and development is basically handled according to the plans and expectations of the organization. Only that some staff are left aloof of the some details of the organization but only perform tasks as instructed and planed by the employer. It is normally good to have the two parties to consume and understand the organization goal, objectives and expectations in the process of production and implementation.

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