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[Study] The Digital Workplace and Learning

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In the study "The Organization in the Digital Age" from Jane McConnell one of the central question is:

How easy is it for people to learn and develop their skills and knowledge in the natural flow of work?

She looked at assessments from the top organizations - those that responded at the highest level - and found different strengths:

  • the digital workplace in the top organizations connects nearly all (90%) of the workforce
  • operational management is very involved in decisions regarding the digital workplace (more on organizational approaches to organize L&D & digital learning here)
  • they have high use of the digital workplace by employee support functions (HR on a 90% level, but in many organizations HR lag behind other corporate functions)
  • they also have more types of communitys (also communitys including internal people and external people) than the other organizations

The research results indicate that the digital workplace is at the core of a future corporate digital learning environment. Companies should think about how - based on thedigital workplace - they can bring content, connections, and experiences together on a large scale. Community based learning, collaborative and social learning in learning communitys as well as corporate MOOCs are building blocks for corporate learning in the future.

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