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Journal Exercise: #140characterchallenge

Write down the biggest challenge you have faced in the context of (corporate) digital learning and share it with the course in your journal (make sure your settings are not set to private). Write it in the form of a short twitter post or text message and find a hashtag for it. Maybe you also have a picture or an image related to it? Upload your text with a nice visual and make sure to check and give feedback on other journal entries as well.

Start your #140characterchallenge now!

Challenges face behind Corporate Learning

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     How do we deal with this challenges comes to my mind when I think of this, well we can presume that this challenges presents an obstacle where we don't have access to alternative solutions, a scenario that we don't have   a clue to this myriads roadblocks that hinders our way.
     A point of view where we could still think of another way, but behind this seemingly ugly form of reality lies the fact that this road block seemingly unstructured offers clues and sometimes tips for us to be able to pass through. If we could find some way then this obstacles hindered will give a chance for us to pass through..
    In my case, I had used what alternative solutions in order to grow and be able to work productively behind schedules like for example during my lunch break I employed my time in Iversity platform just to keep inform of the latest method inside iversity. I used the internet as a tool to access this free trainings. From that learning I can pass it to my co-workers 
 So this seemingly challenges behind the curtain of corporate learning will have a solution if their would be willingness on the part of the learner to grow productively and personally grow maturely facing this challenges as stepping stone towards productivity.

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