Digital Marketing – Critical Success Factors

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»As marketing people, we sometimes tend to do so many things in order to reach different touch points, to the point of not really realizing which ones have the highest impact on our current and…

One Thing

Ina Molano, 09. Mai 17

»Awareness phase A) Feelings, thoughts and actions: Need tools for their job, proud of their craft and skills B) Triggers & Influencers: Job/ profession C) Touchpoints (offline & online…

Stanley Tradesman

Ina Molano, 08. Mai 17

»Apple has evolved to become an important part of so many households. From their iPod, iPad, iPhone and Mac, they have catered to a very wide segment of consumers. It is actually one of my most…

Apple for Everyone

Ina Molano, 03. Jan 17

»Another year is almost about to finish! Whew! This just means that another year is about to start. Preparing for next year's marketing plan and program calendar is one of the most important ta…

Why plan?

Ina Molano, 06. Dez 16

The Lurking Millenial

Ina Molano, 17. Nov 16