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Create a journal entry: Where ist the CCAA heading?

Journal Assignment

After learning about the CCAA and its eventful history, in which direction do you see the award heading and why?

Share your experiences and have a look a the journals of other participants.
Feel free to comment.

Where is the CCAA heading?

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Mr Sigg has been researching Chinese contemporary art by collecting artistic works and establishing the CCAA. Donating the major part of his art collection to the M+ museum in Hong Kong, Mr Sigg has marked up a turning point in the history of the CCAA. From now on collecting (and researching) Chinese contemporary art is duty of the M+ museum - and the CCAA organization which stores in its library material concerning the first 15 years of the CCAA.
I think, research collaboration with art universities will be very important for the CCAA in order to show that the CCAA is different from other awards and to carry on Mr Sigg's original idea of investigating Chinese contemporary art. I hope, in this way some independent research can be done. But nevertheless I fear that state censorship on sensitive topics can't be excluded at universities.
Perhaps the CCAA might become more attractive by declaring all the shortlist's artists winner of the award or by regularly putting an award winner exhibition at the M+ museum.
Maybe it is the right moment for Mr Sigg to withdraw from his position as an active jury member to show that his "child" - the CCAA - now is grown-up. I think, he wouldn't loose much influence being in the background because of his enormous expert knowledge. Thus he could face the critics who consider the CCAA a foreign award.


Very good points!
Did you join the webinar with Mr Sigg last week? You could have asked him what he thinks of your ideas.
The webinar is still available in the course program.

vor etwa 4 Jahren

Thank you, I now had a look at the webinar with Mr Sigg, it's very interesting.

vor etwa 4 Jahren

I agree with your point: for Mr. Sigg to withdraw from his position as an active jury member someday. Because many consider the Award is only the Sigg's Award.
Na Cao

vor etwa 4 Jahren

Dear Na Cao
Thank you very much for your comment on my journal entry. I'd like to emphasize that Mr Sigg someday should withdraw only from his position as an active jury member. I think, the CCAA will still be in need of him, his knowledge and his political and business network. As you can see all over the world, one will have to face state censorship as long as there is only one political party which rules the whole political system. Mr Sigg therefore might protect the CCAA in a way.
Nevertheless, I also think - as you wrote in your journal entry - that setting the CCAA Cube in Beijing is an important sign to people and artists of mainland China.
Kind regards
Hans Zuberbühler

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