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Create a journal entry: Reflect on your learning objectives


In Chapter 1 you outlined your motivation and learning objectives you liked to achieve with this course. Please note in your journal if you reached your learning targets, what you enjoyed about the course and what you missed in the program.

final review

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This was my first time to attend an online course on a subject which has nothing to do with my former profession. I really liked it. The course content, the additional material and the videos of the course were very inspiring and so were the videos of the ZHdK Lecture Series on Global Culture (2013-15) by Michael Schindhelm.
I wanted to learn more about Chinese culture and Chinese contemporary art - and I think, I have come up to that, although I have mainly learnt something about structures of the Chinese contemporary art scene and hardly anything about specific artists and their art works (but obviously, they weren't the target of the course). I am now getting to know many Chinese contemporary artists by reading the beautiful exhibition catalogue of the currently running exhibition about Chinese contemporary art in Bern, "Chinese whispers". (By the way, I found the production design of the interview M.Schindhelm / K.Bühler to be very aesthetic.)
Participating in this course with more than 500 attendants was like attending lectures at university. I think, the more students there are, the less they are getting involved with each other.
I would like to thank everybody who has been engaged in the realization of this inspiring course!
I have really reached my learning targets: The course has given me a good basis for further self-studies.


Congratulation and thank you. All the best for your next plans!

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