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Chapter 2 Journal Activity

What we think we know

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We might have a good idea of when Stonehenge was built, based on radiocarbon dating. We have some bone fragments, antlers and charcoal, etc. that can give us a pretty accurate date.

We can sumise from the remains that the people living in the area at the time were the ones that built Stonehenge. The Neolithic people that had been hunter gathers for thousands of years were now farming. Evidence does show that the "Beaker Culture" arrived from the continent, and may taken part in the building of Stonehenge.

We do not know exactly how Stonehenge was build but we do have some good ideas. Through experimental archaeology we have come up with several different ways that we think Neolithic people, with limited tools, could have erected Stonehenge. from studying the stones at Stonehenge, we know the builders had a good knowledge of working with wood.

We can only guess what Stonehenge was used for, but we have some good ideas. We have found burial remains at Stonehenge, and it is possible that Stonehenge could have been a place to bury the dead. We have found the remains of feasting at Stonehenge and that is a good indication that some type of celebration or ritual was being conducted at Stonehenge. Stonehenge also aligns to the summer and winter equinox, and for that reason, Stonehenge may have been used as an observatory, or a way of marking time.

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