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Week 2: Value Proposition The Vegan Factory

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We want to create a Warehouse where all products are at least animal friendly and next to this are produced with sustainable and fair-trade standards. Besides selling products, it is also going to be a meeting place for changing ideas and knowledge about animal welfare and sustainability.
By creating this warehouse, it will be a place where customers don’t have to think about if the products they are buying are good for the environment and all living beings on planet earth.


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Hi Eva,

I like your Project. Is it going to be a conscious consumer cooperative?
I have been working in one of this coop., For me conscious consumer is the best way to change things.

Good luck!

Warm regards
Ana Costas

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Hi Eva

This is an interesting idea. When I red it I was wondering is there was an order of importance between selling products and being a meeting place.
If so how would it be, being a meeting place that also sells sustainable fairtrade products? (maybe a sharehouse instead of a warehouse). Changing the order sure impacts on your valueproposition.
regards Michel

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