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A New Business Model for The Vegan Factory (assignment week 1)

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Dear All,
I am Eva from the The Hague (Netherlands). During this course, I would like to create a business model for a vegan warehouse called (for now) The Vegan Factory.

In a nutshell The Vegan Factory will be the first warehouse in the world, based in The Hague, where you can only buy products which are, besides totally animal friendly, produced with sustainable and fair trade standards. Also we would like to sell recycled products. Products will be clothing, shoes, cosmetics, accessorize, home-, garden- and kitchen equipment, jewelleries, gifts and luxury groceries etc. Next to selling products there will be room for giving lectures, meetings and workshops etc. By working with a shop-in-shop formula, other vegan friendly entrepreneurs can sell their products or services as well. It is explicitly the meaning the it will be an open and community-driven organisation so everybody who wants to join and has the same values and standards, is welcome. Besides the warehouse, we will run a webshop (which already existed for a while successfully).

The community which I am making my NBM for/with:
In terms of ‘who are the costumers’, the community will be ‘everybody’, since it is a warehouse where everybody can buy products. By starting a vegan warehouse, we want to show consumers that it is very easy to buy good, luxury, sustainable and affordable vegan products.
In terms of ‘who do we need to build the warehouse’, the community need to exists of:
• Retailers/owners of products who meet our standards and want to cooperate
• Investors who believe in the concept (financing by crowdfunding)
• Maybe the local government for providing an affordable location in the centre of The Hague


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Hi Eva,

I think your idea is great.
One question that popped up was: can you limit your business self to local vegan products or will you offer vegan products from al over the world? and what it local in your perspective?

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great idea! A super market is no easy business though, but let me not discourage you :)
Do you know hiSbe super market in England. They could be a helpful example or you.

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Dear Mark and Guy,
Thank you for your feedback!
Yes local products is wat we want the most, since it is more sustainable. We need to think that over more precisely, but since The Netherlands is a small country, we start with products from the Netherlands, if needed from other European countries.

I shall check the hiSbe super market, never heard of it so far!

thanks again!

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