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Create a journal entry: Development of the Unknown Artist


In the beginning of the CCAA, finding the Unknown Artist was one of its main aims. Explain the changes in the search for the Unknown Artist within the last 15 year and discuss possible outside factors which fueled this development.

Share your experiences and have a look at the journals of other participants.
Feel free to comment.

Development of the Unknown Artist

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A main goal in the beginning was to locate and identify the contemporary artists of China. As channels of communication were established and began to attract more and more participants, I am impressed that the CCAA kept its main focus on the artist and his/her needs. For example, as the application process became more formalized, help was offered to make it easier for the artist to submit work. By not divulging the names of those candidates who did not win, the CCAA showed sensitivity to reluctant participants by reducing the risk. The CCAA offers the artist emotional, physical, and monetary encouragement to participate --- plus creative freedom.

Over the past 15 years, the CCAA Award has become well known. Will budding artists feel too insecure to participate? The CCAA has astutely anticipated this situation and has created a young artist category.

I have a nagging question, however. The monetary value of the prize was briefly mentioned. It would be ideal if the Chinese government were to provide autonomous funding for the promotion and development of its national art. I'm not sure that could happen on any continent. Money comes with strings attached. What structures are in place to make sure that the CCAA can continue in the future despite escalating costs?


vor etwa 4 Jahren

Dear Christine
There is still a long way to go having governmental funds for the arts in China.
That's why it is even more important to have private initiatives in place like the CCAA, especially in countries with no governmental funds.
The monetary value of any prize is of course important, but it is just one aspect of it. The recognition, being able to exhibit your work, getting to know curators and galleries are other aspects, that come along with the prize. But you are right, structures of any prize have to be adjusted over time. So far, the CCAA has shown, that it was able and mindful to do so.
Kind regards
Editor & Community Manager

vor etwa 4 Jahren

Dear Barbara:

Thank you for your comment. I am so in awe of what Mr. Sigg has done that I can't put into words how badly I wanted to hop a plane and help create a space worthy enough for the CCAA Award. My admiration has me wanting to let the whole world know how great this is. It must be true that we Americans are impatient. Christine

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