Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them': Integration and Diversity in Europe

Charles David Tauber
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»"Diversity" is a very difficult word to define. In the current society in which I live, people who, to my mind are very close to one another in their mindsets and beliefs are considered to be …

Citizenship and Participation

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Charles David Tauber, 25. Jul 17

»I have lived in five different societies, that is, those of New York, Oregon, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Croatia, in particular in a war-torn part of Croatia. In New York and Oregon, which …

What Does Integration Mean to Me?

Charles David Tauber, 19. Jul 17

»Before going into this topic, I must give my own background to put what I am saying into context. I grew up in New York City of immigrant parents. I then moved to Oregon for 7 years. I then…

Is There Such A Thing as a Real Anything?

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Charles David Tauber, 09. Jul 17

»To begin with, I object to the term "your country" or "my country". I don't feel that my identity is completely connected with any one place. Perhaps that's because I lived in the USA, Belgium…

I am Charles

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Charles David Tauber, 01. Jul 17