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WHY are you doing the things you do?

Prioritizing your to-do-list by looking at WHY

Primer: This assignment consists of 2 options - choose 1:


Like most marketers, you will have an overwhelming to do list. To help you prioritize it and maybe also to get rid of some tasks, we would like to ask you to:

1. Write down your marketing campaign or program related tasks or projects (depending on what is more suitable for your job situation).

2. Then probe them with WHY. WHY are you running that project or WHY are you doing this task? Ask WHY until you come to an answer that is related to an outcome that is beneficial to your business.


If you don´t have any marketing or program related tasks, do the same with other tasks you are dealing with.

PS 1: This assignments only refers to tasks or projects that are related to things/ information you can share with others. Because there is no "private option" setting. You can either choose to share it with your course members only or with the whole iversity community (See last point in the journal entry "Permission")

PS 2: Approaching everything with "WHY?" in mind is a habit. The more often you do it, the easier it will get. : )

Things i´m doing right now

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My projects:

Brand Strategy definition
Sales force training in new categories
Structure brand campaigns for this year
Structure business case for new product projects

Strategy definition is basic task because it will allow the full team to align their execution and keep a consistent message. Going to digital breaks geographic barriers. Now users have access to information from all around the globe, and the message should be always consistent.

Sales force training in new categories will allow our people to speak with confidence and authority about the products they sell. It will bring confidence to our customers to buy our products and also will help the sales force to find the right customers.

Structure brand campaigns will help us focus the message along time. We have too many categories and products that we can not talk about all of them at the same time. We need to create a campaign calendar to communicate one message at the same time. This also will make the budget efficient because the investment will be focused.

Structure business case for new products will allow us to discard low opportunity projects and prioritize high potential ones. This process allow us ask the right questions before we jump in into very long development process that cost money and time.

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