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Final Step: Bring Everything Together

The last and final steps in order to create your business cards are:

1) You will have to put a lot of visuals on one sheet of paper – try to do that on a rather big sheet – it will provide more space for you.

2) Start out with simpler, smaller sketches before you go big.

3) When you switch to the big paper, use a pencil first – because you do not want to ruin an overall design at the very end when working with a marker.

4) Then start using the marker and go over your pencil sketch.

5) Add further details, colours, shadow and connectors.

6) If you want to make your card smaller - take a photo and adjust the size digitally.

"I started working on my final version, taking all the individual parts into consideration. While I had worked in my sketchbook for the individual parts, I now used some larger paper to have more space and options to place the icons. I did this in A3 to have a lot of space. A further advantage of this approach is that when you are finished and you take a photo, you can reduce the size and suddenly all your sketches look much more professional through the shrinking process. Give it a try! Here is my final version. First the pencil draft, and then with marker and colours. It is not yet perfect but it is a good first shot at how a professional business card based on visuals could look like! I also have to admit that my personal portrait turned out much nicer than reality. Well, it probably rather represents me a couple of years ago. However, I decided to keep it that way – and you can and should do so, too!" ☺

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das ist ja sehr gut geworden!! Gratulation! und auch ISSO Talk ist dabei - sehr schön!! :-)

vor mehr als 4 Jahren

Lieber Herr Professor Hienerth,
danke für den netten Kommentar. Ein Talent habe ich bei mir nicht entdecken können ;-)
Aber durch die gute Anleitung ergibt sich ein zusätzliches Handwerkszeug, dass ich sicherlich nutzen werde.
Nehme auch einige Anregungen von den Talenten mit und freue mich mitgemacht zu haben.
Beste Grüße und bis bald,
Beatrix Sieben

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