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Life and joy

Barbara Hoijtink, 10. Dez 15

»" Try to record with your camera 'scenes from everyday life- represantation of reality ' create several minutes of your life in time lapse photography" It is good that it says "try". I did. Go…

Leren jack

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Barbara Hoijtink, 26. Nov 15

task 2, week 3. The neighbour

Barbara Hoijtink, 22. Nov 15


Barbara Hoijtink, 18. Nov 15

Lines alive

Barbara Hoijtink, 15. Nov 15

»I hope the link works. simply go to tumblre and look for dutchlady101 Here a gif I made mixing a symbol for life, and one for dead. The rose, and the drugs-needle. The sad thing is that I mad…

The rose and the needle

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Barbara Hoijtink, 11. Nov 15

exercise week 1

Barbara Hoijtink, 09. Nov 15