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Digital platform is one of the important platform where learning is easy. This platform avails an opportunity to learn new things and upcoming technologies prevails in the society during there work. It helps to update our self to the present needs. The main challenge that learners face during the course is the pace of learning. Each and every individual has there own pace of learning. For example some people are smart enough to understand the concept by 2 examples they are fast learners. But some people need at least 5 examples to understand the concept. They are moderate learners. There is also one more category where some people require more that 10 examples to learn. They are slow learners. so, here comes the problem with a common pace of learning with limited number of examples. I recommend that course should be designed in certain pace where maximum number of people can understand the theoretical concept and coming to the examples sessions must have all the three paces which are mentioned above. I that case the people will follow the examples according to their need and complete the course accordingly. It helps in clear understanding of the concept and effective utilization of learning time.

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