Yes, I Would Do It Again!

Students Highly Satisfied With MOOCS They Attended

As many as 80% of the students who attended an online course agreed that they “enjoyed participating”. In a survey conducted by Scientific American, it turned out that the percentage of interviewees who would like to take an online course again is even higher.

The reasons why people attend online courses vary greatly (see image below). Only six percent said that they need it as a part of their university courses. The survey revealed that most students take online courses out of personal curiosity and not because they were obligated to do so. This is a little surprising considering that these MOOCs are free of charge, compared with the high university tuition fees, especially in the US.

Source: Scientific American

Open Online Courses provide great opportunities for scholars who want to broaden the scope of their studies with great interactive resources. MOOCs are also great for people who just want to ‘dip in’ and discover new fields of interest. In a nutshell: Among other reasons, MOOCs have become so popular because they are highly versatile and suit many different types of learners.

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