What’s New?

by Mirus Fitzner and Fernando Pernica


Video Streaming

Now users can add videos to Resources, not merely as links, but also embed them for live streaming. With this new function, we wish to improve the usability not only for our existing users, but also aim to create a more dynamic experience in the Open Courses that we have launched this week. 


Print-on-Demand for Documents

Expanding our print-on-demand service in Germany, users can now order any document of 40+ pages as a paperback directly from the Resources tab. Also, it is now possible to compile your own personal Reader from documents uploaded to your courses and groups. We hope to make your life easier with this service. Try it out to save time and money.


Course Creation by Students

We have already announced it to our users, but now we want to take the opportunity to tell the rest of you about this change, too: students can now set up their own courses on iversity. This way we want to assure that no one is missing out on the chance to use iversity even if their professor or tutor hasn’t gotten the memo yet. However, chers étudiants, before creating a course, please make sure that the course doesn’t already exist. First, you can check if your instructor has already created a profile on iversity and then if he or she has set up your course. You can also search for the course using two or three words from the title. If you can’t find what you are looking for: Go for it!

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